Our company

We founded EA STAMPES in 1983 to produce heat transfers for t-shirts with designs suitable for men, women and children. Recognised in our field for our professionalism and reliability for some decades now, we remain focused on the outstanding quality of our work.


Furthermore, we take equal pride in the quality of our working relationships with each and everyone of our clients.


EA STAMPES, is a b2b company.


The advantages of EA STAMPES designs


s1The annual EA STAMPES illustrated catalogue: over 3.000 popular designs as well as designs incorporating creative graphics and current trends.


The exclusive use of top quality raw materials.

Strict quality control.

Innovation in production.

Highly experienced and specialized staff − always in the know of current industry developments and processing your orders efficiently and promptly.

Tips and advice for perfect application results.

Deliveries withing your requested deadlines, even during peak times.

EA STAMPES partnerships with clients around the world.

Excellent value-for-money − established in 1983 and here to stay.


Each EA STAMPES heat transfer encapsulates our stamp of commitment to quality.


EA STAMPES quality guarantee


EA Stampes heat transfers are made with the exclusive use of Sericol plastisol inks.

This means each EA Stampes heat transfer has long-life indelible colors as well as high resistance to stress and adverse conditions.


Technical specifications for EA STAMPES plastisol heat transfers

Temperature: 200ºC, Pressure: 6-7 bar, Time: 5”


Technical specifications for EA STAMPES strass, fabric or embroidery heat transfers

Temperature: 160ºC, Pressure: 6-7 bar, Time: 12”


Organic Sericol inks


At EA STAMPES we use only Sericol Texopaque inks by Fujifilm Specialty Inks Systems Ltd.


Sericol Texopaque inks are designed with the following organic characteristics:


They contain no toxic chemicals that can damage human health.

They are in line with current EU criteria.


They do not contain lead or other heavy metals and are designed according to EN71-3 1995 Standard of Safety for Toys.

They are designed for use in fabrics compatible with the OKO-TEX STANDARD 100 industry standard.


(Lead, when exposed to nature or comes into contact with humans can cause damage to the kidneys, liver, blood, dermatitis / allergies, lung damage / permanent respiratory problems and carcinogenesis)

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